So let's talk about SATIN!


H&H Hat Wearers Are Saying...

Satin lined caps are worth the price? 90%
Satin lined caps cause less frizz and scalp irritation? 85%
Satin lined caps are more convenient? 100%

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Social Enterprise

Our goal is to empower young girls living in underserved communities. H&H teaches them the lost skill of sewing along with other valuable job skills then provides them with a perfect opportunity to implement & enhance those skills in a safe, nurturing workplace.

Innovative Headwear

Our revolutionary satin lined baseball caps help to conveniently integrate haircare into traditional headwear, enhancing your hat wearing experience & taking your haircare to the next level without you having to change any parts of your normal routine (except where you buy your hat from)!

Humbly Handcrafted

From the special hand stitching to the precise pinning and machine sewing, each satin lined hat is carefully crafted by one of our teen tailors. These young girls are committed to fighting child poverty or becoming another statistic of their environments. 

Completely Customizable

Designed by you, produced by us! We’re not dedicated to building a brand, we’re focused on building a relationship with you by improving the health of your hair & creating your new favorite hat!