“I know exactly what it’s like to be lost without any hope or guidance out of a very dark place, I can also tell you how it feels to finally find your way, discover true happiness, and understand your purpose in this world.” When people hear about satin lined baseball caps they like the idea but when they learn of the person behind the innovative headwear, they fall in love! Every time H&H’s Founder & CEO LaPorsche Jymi tells her story and how the social enterprise came about, they appreciate the business even more.
“Black girls like me don’t come from the most healthy, uplifting environments but that doesn’t limit our ultimate potential, that just hides it from us.” LaPorsche is passionate about giving young girls the tools and guidance they need to attain their true potential during their adolescent years when they need it most. She also wants to teach them that the environment doesn’t make you, you can make any situation work in your favor.
LaPorsche has a unique mission that doesn’t include taking girls out of their comfort zone, she wants them to show girls that you can grow right where you are. Instead of H&H creating a massive production facility in one region of the country, the company plans to strategically open multiple smaller facilities in the heart of underserved communities.
“These areas don’t need more free clinics, community centers, and churches; they need jobs, apprenticeship programs, and empowerment hubs.” H&H plans to bring just that. The business will have all of these necessities integrated into their production facilities, the girls will also be exposed to personal & professional workshops where they will be matched with mentors as well. In addition to these facilities, H&H will enhance the girls to discover new places outside of their communities via their mobile hat shops that will vendor at various live shows, corporate functions, & sporting events.

How can you help bring our vision to life? Order a hat for you & everyone you appreciate (or tell me them to order their own lol)!