Why become an affiliate? We’re so happy you asked!


Commissions earned on every sale…

“Work” when you want, wherever you want…

Exclusive access to sell a patent pending product…

Special Discounts, Perks, Rewards, & Bonuses Available…

FREE gift when you sign up…

*Paid additional trainings & vendor opportunities…

Become a member in a network that supports you in all ways!



You have more questions? Alright, let’s get you some answers!

Frequently Asked Affiliate Questions

  1. How much commission will I be paid?
$3 on every hat you sell, including bulk orders (40 hats sold=$120 in your pocket)
2. Will I receive commission for recruiting other affiliates?
Absolutely! Including a commission from their sells.
3. Can I work from home?
Yes, you can actually work from wherever you’d like even utilizing your personal network and social media contacts.
4. Will H&H help me sell?
We’ll do everything we can to help you start and increase your sales. Each affiliate has the opportunity to access an introductory sales & strategy call.
5. Do I have to commit to the H&H Affiliate Program?
No, sell without a commitment.
6. How do I get paid additional training & vendor opportunities?
Those opportunities are reserved for our top sellers, affiliates earning $250+ sells monthly.
7. How will H&H support me in other ways?
We are dedicated to connecting our affiliates to the absolute best resources that will ensure that they excel in ALL areas of their lives. Sign up today and get started tomorrow, we’ve got so much in store for you!