Don’t Just Start a Business, Solve A Problem.

LaPorsche Jymi is the Founder and CEO of H&H. She is a social entrepreneur that strives to bring creativity to innovation and business. Satin lined baseball caps are her signature, patent pending product.

In 2016, the idea came to her while suffering severe hair breakage due to a number of reasons. Every beautician gave her the same advice, “keep your hair as moisturized as possible” due to dryness being the root of her hair loss. After introducing a new haircare regimen and integrating a number of satin products such as bonnets, scarves, and pillowcases because she had fallen in love with it and its natural benefits.  Then one day the universe revealed her ingenuity; wanting to wear her favorite baseball cap but not wanting to dry her hair out lead her to create her first satin lined baseball cap in 2017.

It took some time to step out her comfort zone and push through her fears to move forward with the idea. The biggest motivation being her two small children and continuing the legacy of her maternal grandmother, Doris “The Hat Lady” Reed.

Leading the Way in Social Impact

H&H is a social enterprise empowering impoverished girls to create futures as smooth as satin. Our satin lined hats not only integrates haircare into your headwear, these hats also help combat child poverty by creating opportunities for teen girls living in poverty induced conditions. H&H teaches young girls in underserved areas how to sew then pays them a living wage to handcraft these innovative satin lined hats in a safe, nurturing environment.

LaPorsche was born and raised in Gary, IN. Unfortunately, she is very familiar with the limited resources and opportunities that young black teen girls are exposed to in underserved regions. She has a personal calling to help girls put themselves in more advantageous positions and unlock their full potential. In the midst of hiring & training these girls, LaPorsche prides herself as acting as a mentor to the girls as well. She lives by the quote, “Be the person you needed when you were younger.”